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Rollover iPhone App Review

Tilting games are always funny and interesting to play with a great control over the accelerometer techniques made by Apple on the iOS devices. After the launch of accelerometer technology, many developers came up with pretty interesting games implementing it. Especially racing and action games bestowed this for a better gameplay.Rollover for iPhone

Rollover is a puzzle game that uses the accelerometer feature. On the very first look the app was very average to me. Once I have dug into the deeper levels of this tilting game; it was a great thrill playing Rollover. It has 100 unique levels of gameplay, where each of them is really interesting to play.

This game is very well designed with simple screens and user-friendly gameplay. One thing I liked is, you can continue the game at the point you have left. So there is no need for a restart, manual savings. Each levels of this game are very well designed in terms of fun, complexity and interesting puzzles as well.

You are given with five balls, where one is changeable in color (default color is red). You have to clean the obstacles, targets on the screen by tilting those balls over them. For example, the first level is “Snow Joke”. Here, you have to clear the sheeps by rolling the balls over it. Just a contact with the ball will vanish your target. You are awarded by points for each hit. Timing is the main are you have to notice here. You will be awarded trophies like, Golden, Silver or Bronze, which depends on how fast you are doing the job.

Rollover iPhone app

You can see great varieties of puzzles on each level in Rollover, which is really needs appreciation. These puzzles and gameplay makes the users more addicted on it. You can replay each level if you feel you are not scored better. The levels are going very sharp covering obstacles, bricks around your target. There is a red ball, which you need to change the color in some cases.

Once you have reached some levels, you will be given some free passes. These can be used when you are in a tough situation to complete the levels. You don’t have to play a particular level and forward directly to the next by choosing the free pass. The app description says, it is Game Center enabled. But I didn’t see any Game Center feature on the app.

I have played 12% of this game and of course I have to go a long way. I liked it much on these levels in fact. Rollover is a well-made puzzle with some old age gameplay, but added with lots of fun and interesting puzzles.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

Rollover is available on the app store for $0.99

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