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RainAware Weather iPhone app review – No more worries on bad weather!

It is the finishing of yet another winter season, where it was the season of heavy snow falling around the United States. I hope all of you may have some weather apps on your iPhone or iPad, especially when the season gets more snowfalls or rain that stops your routine day-to-day activities.

Most weather apps are a bit pricey when it comes to provide a detailed forecast. RainAware is a better solution for a weather app, if you don’t want to spend some bucks from your pocket. This app is not built for worldwide users, but only for people who resides in the United States.

rainaware app for iPhone

RainAware uses the National Weather Service radar network to provide people the most accurate weather forecasting around their city. The app not only gives you the forecast of your current location, but also fetches the forecast information nearby. So it’s not a matter if you are in a trip worrying about the rain or snow fall conditions ahead, RainAware keeps you updated on every minutes of what’s going on.

You have to make your location services ‘on’ to get the most accurate results. The app grabs your location using the GPS and displays the forecasting results in a very clear way. There is a refresh button you can tap to get the latest information or the results are automatically updated for every one minute.

The app shows if it is a dry, rainy or snowing condition on the main screen and you can just swipe the screen to get more graphical details on one hour rain clock or precip chances for next three hours. Menu bar has an option ‘Forecast’, which displays the next seven days forecast for your location selected. You can simply tap on the list to update them.

rainaware weather for iPhone review

The app has another cool feature to find out forecasting details on the Point of Interest (POI) across your city. Don’t worry about the weather if you are on to the Airport or planning for some golfing, this app brings what can happen on the spot for the next three hours!

You can change the rain alert threshold and the background image views from the settings tab. Also, there is an option to see the radar straightaway, but truly I am not an expert on explaining that J The only problem I got with this app was, it shows a message ‘Server Busy’ periodically asking the user to retry the service many times. Of course, it may be some errors when it fetches the data from the main servers. But, overall this is a very useful weather application if you are someone from in and around the United States.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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  1. The server busy messages will disappear in the next few weeks. We are moving our system to a much better datacenter and upgrading to 24 processor core servers. The result will be no outages EVER, less busy messages and faster calculations.


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