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Rage War: The latest PVE and PVP game low on graphic quality but high on the storyline

Rage War is a mix of strategy, construction, and as the name goes, war and invasion. It begins with a plot. There is a time machine that backfires and the protagonist of the story, Leonardo da Vinci, ends up in the stone age, in a tribal village. The time travel machine is beyond recovery and you need to make do with your current circumstances.

Once you’re trapped in the stone age, you have to build your own empire and while you’re at it, you also need to work on your inventions so that eventually, you can go back to where you came from. Along with building your settlement, you are also constantly recovering the pieces of your time machine.

Rage War can be a multiplayer game or a single game depending on your preference. Its social features allow multiple players to participate in the game, interact with each other, and even collaborate and attack each other. If social gaming is not your thing, you can also play against the game’s artificial intelligence

Rage War for iOS

Gaming has come a long way and although the graphics interface of Rage War is quite appealing, it falls short of many other contemporary games available with Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles. One reason could be that you can play the game within your PC or Mac browser and you can also download its Android and iOS versions. When you want to make your game compatible across devices, you need to make some compromises regarding its graphics capabilities.

The ultimate aim of the game is to build a repository of resources, carry out scientific experiments, find broken pieces of the time machine, construct your city, and keep your army ready in case there is an invasion.

To increase your might, you can attack other villages and empires. This will require strategy and planning. You can mount an attack against either an artificially constructed empire or an empire made by another player. You will need to choose your troops and arrange them in different flanks to maximize your chances of winning. Ultimately, winning depends on how well you use your troops and available resources. You can also keep on collecting rewards that you can use later on under various situations

If you want to participate in a multiplayer expedition, it is advisable that first, you hone your skills against the machine’s own intelligence because then you can change your strategy and try out various methods.

The game is free to play although there are some aspects of the game that you will need to purchase. You can immediately start playing the game through your browser and once you have gotten the hang of it, you can also download it on your mobile phone. My suggestion: give it a try.


  • Design4.5
  • User Interface4.0
  • Concept4.0
  • Overall4.2

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