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QR-Reader iPhone app review – Tap and scan on the go!

With the innovation of smartphones and apps, buying products are just a matter of some taps. Wherever you go, a shopping complex, for a movie or somewhere on a coffee shop, just a scan of the product QR code makes it all in front of you! Here is yet another QR code reader for your iPhone and iPad – QR-Reader.

QR-Reader is a simple QR code and barcode reader & scanner, which allows you to get the product details ready on your device screen with simple taps. If you are looking for a price tag on any products, this app helps you straight away!

qr-reader universal app

This app is a basic genre of QR code scanners. A simple menu on the bottom allows you scan or create a QR code. I have tried scanning some QR codes using the app and most of the time the results were good enough. The app doesn’t limit with just scanning the codes, but also allows you Create QR codes as well.

The app has another interesting feature that saves all the scans saved in the History section. If you wish to save the scanned or generated QR codes, you can simply save them into your device via Print Screen. The app has some additional functionality such as recognizing phone numbers, addresses and website URLs. Addresses can be directly saved or shown in the maps, which is really helpful for someone who are new to the location.

On the whole, QR-Reader is a simple and useful application if you are someone who regularly uses QR codes and barcodes while shopping. The app misses some eye-catching colors and attractive interface, but did the task what it is intended to.

Download QR-Reader for $0.99 from the App Store!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.5/5]

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