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Puzzle Poker iPhone app review

Poker games are something that is always I am willing to play on my iPhone. Of course, all of them are not the best picks. Solitaire is one of my best picks ever not even on the iOS, but even when I started exploring my PC in childhood. Even now developers are trying unique poker games knowing user’s pulse.

Puzzle Poker is a nice poker game developed by Quantum Clockwork that takes the best of retina display while playing the game. I really enjoyed the intuitive user interface and the navigation throughout the game. The sounds while taping the buttons are very well composed for setting up a great addictive puzzle game.

puzzle poker poker game

Puzzle Poker is played with 25 cards in total that forms a 5×5 grid on the gaming screen. You can move these cards in any directions to achieve the objective of the best poker hand from the movements. There are two scores on the top, on the center you can see the current screen score and on the top left is your total game score. Check the Hand Values from the main menu before you start playing, which shows the top score you can get on arranging various combination of cards.

You can undo your moves, set the game in medium mode or start a new puzzle straightaway from the gaming screen itself. There are in-app purchases within the game you should likely to go for, especially the multiplayer feature! The game wraps a huge collection of 20,000 puzzle poker games with a crystal clear retina display support.

puzzle poker game review

You have a tutorial on the main screen to check how to play the game effectively. Have a look through the Hand Values to show your talent in the playing screen. I really give the credits to the developers for such a nice feel and interface throughout the game. I have tried several poker games before, but most of them were heavily crowded with so many options to choose from. Puzzle Poker is simple, but it stays out! Sadly there is no way to share the scores or anything through social media.

Puzzle Poker is a decent poker game in the market that gives you a feel of playing real poker, but also giving some brain some work as well! It is available as a Universal app on the App Store for free of cost.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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