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PowerVocab for GRE and GMAT iPhone App Review – A Good Companion for Your Exams

Apart from those gaming and entertaining stuffs from the app store there is something beneficial apps which can really work out for us. PowerVocab is such a creation which makes users to keep going with such a nice list of vocabularies.

powervocab iPhone app

PowerVocab is a decent application that comprise of 694 words which you can learn as a practice session or as a test. Practice session shows words one by one where you can select the appropriate answer from the given four options. You can tap on the volume button on top to hear the word. There is a count button on the top left which shows how many of your try was exact.

You can stop the session by tapping the end button that leads to the report where total correct answers, time taken are shown. What I liked there is the listing of the words we have attended with our answer and the right answer. On tapping the words you can get more details like its synonym, antonym which looks nice.

Test consists of 30 questions with 19 minutes to solve. Obviously it will ask you questions one by one and you have to wrap it up before the counter expires. But I have noticed there is no 19 minutes count instead it shown a nine and half minutes. You can either complete the test or quit which shows the report.

One more thing is the word list, which displays all the words with details. You can select the words based on the alphabets also. This is also a good option where we can just go through the word list initially there by attending the practice or test for a better performance. You can also set the levels as low, medium or high for word list in the settings. You can check the show answer if you want to see the correct answer on attending each questions and show the status if needed.

powervocab iPhone app review

Final words on PowerVocab are without a single buck from you this is a good app for your skills. It is well made overall and the contents inside the app also make an impact. PowerVocab is available for FREE in the app store. Why not a try?

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