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PokeBuilder – Creating your next Pokemon hero never gets difficult

Pokémon is one of my favorite cartoon shows ever. From toddlers to even adults enjoyed the series and it was a craze for my little ones. This is the time I started forgetting those superpowers as the surging new gaming platforms and games rule the digital world.

PokeBuilder is one of the best apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that lets you create Pokémon and use them in your favorite Pokémon games such as Pokémon White, Black, Diamond, Pearl, etc. The sweet thing is you can directly upload the created Pokémons to your Nintendo, DS/DSi/3DS. The app is very simple to use and you can create your Pokémons like eating a piece of cake!

Leveling up your Pokémon is always a tough task, which is swept out amazingly by using this app. It reduces the time of creating the Pokémons as players can now concentrate more on the gameplay and training levels. The app is Pokémon Bank compatible and there are in-app purchases to unlock either Pokedex information or unlocking shortcuts to legit event Pokémon.

PokeBuilder makes you move your character, edit the abilities, create nick names, move items and many more! The full version has got many more features such as Smogon Import, IV editing, shiny monsters and of course full X and Y support is on the way!

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I have tried creating some characters and truly loved playing my favorite Pokémon games. The app supports almost all the networks including the WEP and WPA. PokeBuilder has got many rave reviews all over the internet and from users in the App Store.

PokeBuilder is a great asset if you are a Pokémon fan. This Universal app is really helpful to save more time in creating Pokémon characters where you can concentrate more on the training sessions and battle. PokeBuilder is available on the App Store for $1.99 and it is available universally for your iOS devices.

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