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Pocket Monkey iPhone app review – A funny filled adventurous ride

Action packed adventure games are always interesting to play on the iDevices. Pocket Monkey developed by GameCell is such a cool action adventure kind of game mixed up with right amount of fun gameplay. The game is a typical skip & kill enemies concept through the adventurous way to the objective.

The cool part of the game is the brilliant graphics throughout the different levels. It starts with an introduction of a trapped monkey who escapes from it and finds its way to his lost tribe. You have to clear the way through some adventurous and risky attacks and traps and complete the levels one by one.

The game has a total of 60 enticing levels that are categorized into two parts such as summer and winter (30 levels each). You have to clear the 30 levels from the summer section to get in the winter part of game. On completing each levels, you will be awarded with star rating depends upon how efficiently you have done with that particular level.

The gameplay is pretty decent with nice graphics that takes even a novice gamer addicted to it. You have to guide the monkey on its way to the door, which is the end of the level. You have to collect the bananas and nuts on the way that can help you in attacking the monsters later on. The controls are intuitive that makes the game very easy to play at the initial stages. However, the traps and enemies are strong if you improve further.

pocket monkey app for iPhone

You can move the monkey left/right with simple taps on the left. On the right you have the options to jump the monkey across the tree branches, collect the bananas and nuts. Sometimes you may be in need to jump wisely across the dangerous traps on the way. There are three lives in total to complete each level of the game. Pocket Monkey is features with Apple’s Game Center that allows you to play the game online with your friends. Go for this game and I am sure you will be eager to show the way for Monkey.

Pocket Monkey is a Universal app, which can be downloaded for free of cost from the App Store!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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