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Play N Wish Merry Xmas iPhone App Review – Play and Win Greeting Cards to wish your Dear Ones

First of all, Merry Christmas to all WhatsmyApp readers and app developers! I am glad to write a review for this app on this Xmas occasion as it is fully designed with the Christmas feel and of course, a fun game as well.

Play N Wish Merry Xmas is a cool application on your iPhone, which comes with a two in one advantage. You can play some funny game as well as send colorful greeting cards to your loved ones. Again, the game is not limited; the app delivers four mini games in it. Entire design is made with the Santa effect to let users feel the Christmas celebration if you are playing with it.

play n wish merry xmas app review

The jingle bell music at the backdrop is a nice addition. You can mute the sounds if you found it annoying.  There is a card gallery on the main menu, which is a collection of greeting cards. You can send them to your loved ones via email with a tap. Also, you can unlock more cards to the collection while playing each game and by reaching a particular score.

Let’s come to the playing options; this game has four different mini games in it. There are named as ‘Catch it’, ‘Shoot it’, ‘Throw it’ and ‘Drop it’. All these are very simple games, but very challenging too.  Catch it is a regular “drop from top and catch it” to get points kind of game. Gifts are dropped from top of the screen and you have to adjust the basket to catch them. Next one is Shoot it – as the name tells, in this game you have to shoot the flying balloons to get your gifts and increase points.

play n wish merry xmas for iPhone

Throw it is little more interesting indeed. You are given with a shooting tanker in which you can adjust the angle of the firing tip. You have to set the angle and fire the gift to the tray exactly to score points. Next one, Drop it is a bit tougher one, where are in control of a boat shed. A Santa will drop gift from the top into the sea. You have to send your boats to catch the gifts safely without dropping them to the water.

What I feel about the games is, they are little tough to play with because of the very less lives (only 3), which ends in fractions! Also, there is no control over the speed of dropping. But considering all four in one, playing them is really thrilling. Of course, my pick of the game is ‘Throw it’. Keeping all apart, this app gives some nice greetings cards as well.

I hope you guys will enjoy this app very much on this Xmas season. Play and Wish Merry Xmas is available on the App Store for $1.99. Merry Christmas!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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