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Pinxter iPhone App Review


Pinxter appWe can found a bunch of repeated apps and games in the App Store, which is very frustrating as developers are not in a mood to find innovative ideas for mobile apps. In fact, there are another side of the coin is well. This comes true from the developers of the app Pinxter who came up with a decent idea, which is trendy and unique.

Pinxter is a great idea of sharing your outfits or anything you want among the Pinxters! Pinxter is very well built in terms of designing and a loving UI.  The colors and intuitive interface is rich and modern even from the very first look. Once you setup the account, you can see all the shared pictures for the Pinxters. You can tap on ‘Yes’ if you liked the outfits, hairstyle, shoes, pets, etc. or pass to the next with a ‘No’.

For every votes you will get a diamond, which you can use later to promote your own photos or even others through Pinxter. The interesting part in Pinxster is the real-time feedback we can get from huge number of Pinxters! It is really a funny and enticing thing if you are confused about a decision during shopping or similar cases. Use as much as diamonds to promote your photos and get a spot on the Pinxter leaderboard for a better feedback count!

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Another important feature in Pinxter is the various sharing options it has to offer. For a modern social app like Pinxter, sharing apart from the Pinxters is very important. You can share any pictures from Pinxter via Instagram (the most I loved), Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately, email sharing is missing somewhere! Make a note, sharing a photo gives you another 10 pink diamonds in your account.

From the top right of the app you can check out the entire history of your Pinxter activities. In case if you need more diamonds, you can go for the in-app purchases Pinxter can offer. Pinxter is definitely worth a try from the App Store if you love getting some excellent feedback for your next purchase.

Pinxter is available on the App Store for FREE!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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