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PIN Locker iPhone App Review – A Safe Way to Manage Your Login Credentials

Managing passwords is always a tough task for many people who manage more numbers of website accounts. Nowadays, internet is almost everywhere and people from the age of kid itself have at least a Facebook or Twitter account. PIN Locker developed by Mooee is a nice app to manage your passwords efficiently.

Of course App Store contains a lot of apps for this purpose, but maintaining website passwords and keeping a format only for this is something rare indeed. PIN Locker is especially designed targeting a safe locker for your website usernames and passwords.

pin locker for iPhone

Initial tap on the app prompts you to set the main password for the app. It is number based and you have to be careful to remember this password any time for further access on the app. The first thing that attracted on PIN Locker is its fresh graphics on the login page. It was really eye-catching!

Once you logged in you can add entries to the app by a single tap on the top right. You can give each entry a different name. Next comes the important part to enter the login name and password for the website. PIN Locker offers a range of different login types such as username, member name, account number, etc. You can choose the appropriate option as you wish. Similarly you can set the password too. There are some other languages also available apart from English (I think it is Chinese) to set up the username and password.

Then you can enter the website information such as URL and if you have any comments to add there are options for that too. There is an option to set the category of your entry. You have to type the store the category of your entry here. In some cases you may require two passwords to proceed through a website. PIN Locker doesn’t fail here, which allows you to store an extra password if you need.

pin locker review

You can sort out all the entries by category. You can also watch out for the top ten entries from the menu itself. Settings tab allows you to reset the password and create a backup for all the entries in the app. However, I was just worried about storing the confidential details into the app because, who knows these data are not shown to the developers of this app?! They haven’t specified anything in the description too. This is a basic question for many users who used to play with apps like this.

Totally PIN Locker is a nice app to maintain your huge list of usernames and passwords, only if you are ready to take the risk of storing the data into a third party. PIN Locker is available on the app store for just $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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