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Picture Hangman iPhone app review – Stand out puzzle game for iPhone

There are only few apps available on the App Store that combines the concept of puzzle gaming with core entertainment to its gameplay. Picture Hangman for iPhone by the developers Tringio, LLC is a nice game that delivers users some interesting levels of puzzle gaming!

Picture Hangman is still another puzzle related game, but provides users a nice way to kill their time by matching various parts of the picture given. The app is really interesting to play and sometimes makes trouble too! (It is difficult to win the levels initiallyJ)

picture hangman game

It has three levels of play such as easy, medium and hard. The difference between levels is simple as, the more difficult part you will get on the harder levels and the simple parts when you choose easy levels. The app is well made with necessary implementation of social networking such as Twitter and Facebook sharing.

The app comes with a clear ‘How to Play’ section so that users can easily understand the gameplay at the very first try. It has 100 unique and interesting levels inside and additionally 50 levels for in-app purchase. The playing screen is simple with chalk drawn aesthetics where you can see a single portion of an object. On the bottom side the other parts are given separately. You can tap on the left/right arrows for more parts.

You have to drag and drop the parts from the bottom that matches with the part above. If you are swiping the right part it will fit on to the screen. If you are wrong your chance will be strikes out. You can only have five strikes for a level if exceeds that is the end of play.

picture hangman game

Number of total parts and the parts you have already connected are displayed on top of the screen, which will be helpful for a better finishing. Also, you can see the time and score for the particular level here. Gameplay is interesting, but a little difficult indeed. Especially the first drag and drop attempts are only done by guessing because we don’t get a clear idea about the object with only a single part.

The app is Game Center featured, which allows you to play with your friends when you are connected to the internet. Picture Hangman is good choice and a real challenge for puzzle lovers. The app is available on the Apple App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5

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