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PicsPlay – Photo Editor – This Makes Your Photos Look Better than Ever!


picsplay - photo editorRecent days, people are using their smartphones as a camera replacing their high end DSLR cameras! This thing is true to me as I have almost no traces of my high-end cameras in recent vacation trips. There are some wonderful photo apps that take your reminiscences to the next level by offering some enticing features to crave your pictures as the wonderful memories ever!

PicsPlay is a faultless photo editor app for your iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. I am not a good photographer by profession or hobby, but I used to take several snaps using my iPhone 5 most times. This is where these kinds of photo editing apps shines for a novice photographer. Using PicsPlay is really a treat to watch your lovable moments with a wide range of diverse editing options.

I have used many photo-editors recent days, but I was more pleased with what the Instagram offers – The amazing colorful filters. Nowadays, with PicsPlay in the radar for a while, I used to do a lot of exploiting changes in the photos. The app offers insanely large number of editing and filters option to make your photo memories even lively.

The initial tap takes you to the demo video of PicsPlay and once you are back, you have a lot to explore. You can easily activate your device camera to take a picture or load the earlier images from the photo albums. PicsPlay offers a lot of editing options to your photos starting from rotating it to any angle and cropping them for a better fit.

The cool feature for me was the ‘FX Studio’ where you do get some wonderful photo filters such as HDR, Blur effects, Grunge, Black & White and professional picture effects. The beauty comes where you see a lot of further filters on each of them! PicsPlay has not limited when it comes to offering the editing options. You have the tilt-shift, color splash, lighting brush and oh yes the time matrix that gives you a photo that matches the ages!

You can have some pro features such as white balance, exposure adjustments and histogram effects with this app. You can add text, borders or various stamps to make the picture funnier if you wish. The only letdown with PicsPlay was the distractive ads right on the bottom. In fact, some of the features were only available if you are ready to go for an upgrade! Indeed, you can’t leave all these annoyance from a FREE app!

Download PicPlay from the App Store for free to enjoy a colorful vacation with your smartphone next time.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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