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PicIT24 – share photos & quotes iPhone app review

Taking photos are not only a hobby, but for many of us it is the proof of happiness and sweet memories we had on the past. Of course, I am a very big fan of Instagram with the way they have made users addicted to it allowing them to share their best memories on the go! In fact, after the success of Instagram I have seen many developers rolled out same kind of stuff on the App Store. PicIT24 is a new entry to this category where the app offers a bunch of enticing features to make your photos as the best ever memories.

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The concept behind PicIT24 is the same as of Instagram, but what I have seen after downloading the app was brilliant. They have already some decent user base and more importantly I felt it more interesting even though I am a routine Instagram user. The app starts with the demo showing the main advantage of using this app apart from others. It is a frustrating job many people to scroll down long while there are bunch of photos on your timeline rather the most important ones. PicIT24 identifies that and allows you to post the most important picture/quote at a time.

You must create an account with them to use the app. Sadly there is no option for a Facebook/Twitter login. PicIT24 allows users to follow the other users to get their updates on board. Taping the camera button allows you to take a snap right from the app or you can choose a picture from your photo library as well.

The unique feature about the app is rather than photos you can also post some quotes and share it with your friends. The app sends push notifications on a daily basis that remind the time you have to post a picture/quote for that particular day.

You can comment and like on any photos as you wish, add various effects to make them more beautiful. Obviously you need an Internet connection all time in your device to use this app. If you are in need to remove a photo you can do that by simply scrolling down on and taping on remove the memory. Surprisingly there is no option to delete multiple photos at a time.

PicIT24 resembles the Instagram in many ways, but once you had a try with this app I am sure on one thing that you should upload a picture same time on PicIT24 even though if you are an Instagram fanatic like me. This app is available on the Apple App Store for FREE!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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