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PhotoPieces iPhone App Review – Your only limit is your imagination

Editing your pictures are something you always love to do. There are lots of apps and software available to make your snaps prettier, funny or whatever you wish. PhotoPieces is such a nice application for your iPhone or iPod Touch (with a camera) that can help you make a photo collage.

Photopieces app review

PhotoPieces may pretty simple on the first look, but it delivers very well if you have good imagination. A normal user may not find this app useful, but if you are one who is interested in photography this app is for you. Even for a novice in photography this app can assist in making some awesome collages.

With PhotoPieces you can simply create your own templates or choose the pre-defined templates. I like the own template creating option, which allows me to take a snap from the camera or from album. Once you are done with an image you can make necessary changes on it by just scrolling the top bar. It would be great if there is some more options to add effects to the image I have selected. Indeed, the available option is very less.

You can collect all the templates you have created from the “My Creations” section. Just a tap on the start button will take you to the pre-installed templates. You gave to choose one among them to proceed. Or you can simply move over to the templates you have created already. There is an option “More Templates” as well, which guides you to Flicker with lots of other snaps.

Photopieces for iPhone

Once you are ready with any of those templates, you are ready to take snaps and make your photo collage. For each snap, according to the elected pattern; the image will fit individually. This is where you need some kind of good imagination to make the final result a prettiest one. Why not the developers can add some more pre-defined templates? Only six are available right now, which is very minimal to choose.

Once you are done with the snaps you can save it directly to your album. Sadly there is no option to share the picture via anyway! Also, I wish if there is a puzzle game inside the app by matching the scattered image, would be a great addition (by changing the app a paid one).

On the whole PhotoPieces is a great application on your iDevice available for FREE of cost!

Our rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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