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Period Pace iPhone App Review – Guys Please Go Back

I don’t have much experience on apps from the category Healthcare & Fitness. When I was requested to try Period Pace I was little hesitating to proceed, but taking in mind something useful for ladies here is what Period Pace is all about.

Period pace iPhone app

Just for a difference from usual games and apps, Period Pace is an app that helps ladies to keep track of their period times and the related issues. Menstrual cycles are a tough time any women and Period Pace just makes it easier to calculate when the next period starts, what are the health issues on these days and more.

As you enter the app you can scroll down to the dates and choose the period start day. You can immediately see the next period date on the screen. You can see the ovulation day as well. The symptom option gives the health issues that can occur on these period times. The tracking of the symptoms are benign indeed. You can see levels of these symptoms from the app and act accordingly.

There is an option to add your notes on each day of these times. You can take these data and backup them to your email. If you are seeking privacy on these data there is a password protection as well. This is a free application and only manages the report upto three months. If you want to make more with this app you can directly upgrade the app. All these things are located under the settings option.

Period pace for iPhone

So gents please stay away from Period Pace J and ladies this can be a good assistant for you on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Period Pace is available for free on the app store.

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