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Paris By Metro iPhone app review – Don’t get lost in Paris any ways!

Travelling apps are always interesting when you leave your city and drive to a new place. You may be unaware of the routes, locations and some important details of the target country where these kinds of apps come as helping hands. Paris By Metro is such a nice app that must be your assistant if you are in Paris.

Paris by Metro is an easy handling app, which helps you replace your travelling plans, maps if you are in the city of Paris. This app gives you all the necessary information on Paris city and the suburbs right on your iPhone. It’s the easiest way to search the places and the information on metro, trains, etc. all around the city of Paris.

paris by metro for iPhone

This app leads you to the faster route to the destination you want in Paris. You can just specify where you are and where you want to go, Paris by Metro guides you through the best and faster route that saves your important time. Paris By Metro gives you the entire details on the dozens of transit stations in Paris and its suburbs on your fingertips.

The app is well-organized with simple menus on the bottom, which shows the map, lines, railway stations in Paris, etc., that completely delivers all the needs a traveler requires. The integrated map shows all the available metro, RER and Tram details right in front of you for a better navigation. If you want any spots quickly, there is a search option on top right.

paris by metro for ipad

You can find out the easiest way from/to any stations and get they spotted on the map with few taps. ‘From/To’ option allows you to enter the source and destination places to the app, which purveys the fastest routes, routes by minimum connections and by minimum walk. You can add any place to the favorite section and get the details on it easily from the ‘info’ tab.

The app doesn’t ends here; it shows details on Paris airport transfers, money saving tickets and passes all inside it. Another cool feature is the currency converter, which can be really helpful for people to get an idea about spending money when they visit Paris. My final words on Paris By Metro is, if you are looking for a trip towards Paris in near future, this is a must app on your iPhone or iPad!

Paris By Metro is a universal app available on Apple App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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