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Panda Sweet Tooth Full iPhone app review – Make way for the Panda

Nowadays, we can find a lot of arcade games on the App Store all based on same gameplay, but only with some changes in the graphical work. In fact, I am pretty bored playing games where the character moves across the screen, jumps to gather power boosters, escapes from obstacles on their way. Panda Sweet is exactly the same game again, but shines once you play it for some time.

The game starts with some anecdotes from the Panda’s home where the rabbits stole the strawberries and Panda started to recover them. The angry Panda begins the hunt for berries by passing various obstacles through. The game is very simple with intuitive controls and decent graphics. It seems the developers are very much focused on kids to play the game as it is very easy to pass the levels and beat the opponents.

panda sweet tooth app review for iPhone

The game has various levels to play where the Panda will be walking fast to collect as much as berries he can. Just a simple tap on the screen lets Panda to jump and if you want to jump high, double tap makes it. Dangerous rabbits will come your way to grab the berries. Don’t go closer to them to keep your berries secure on pocket.

There are some other dangerous enemies all around such as bamboos and monsters. You have to guide Panda very careful passing them and collecting many berries to reach the next level. The game starts with ease, but gets the momentum as it reaches more levels. You can simply turn on/off the music and sounds from the main menu.

panda sweet tooth full app review for ipad

The game supports many languages like Spanish, Korean, Italian, Japanese and more. Instead of giving some higher side graphics the developers has concentrated some simple fun way of gaming with six beautiful locations along with the nice gameplay that makes users play it for long.

However, the game gets some repeated gameplay feel on the initial attempts, which is a real let down. If you are bored with as usual games and looking for some simple fun ride on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Panda Sweet Tooth is a good one to try out.

This game is available on the App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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