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Paint iPhone App Review – Make Your Kids Smile on the Go

It’s been a long time since I have reviewed an app that perfectly fits kids. Pain from ABCiSoft is a simple, cool application, which can be really useful for growing kids; as they are more enthusiastic towards funny drawings.

paint app review

Paint is pretty simple application that can make your paint program from the PC on your iPhone. If you are someone who gives your iDevice to kids, this app can be your kid’s favorite. Another angle; if you are not a kid, then you must be a mother or father to like this app. Let’s have a look at the app in detail.

Opening the app takes you directly to the painting screen where you can find all the tools and options you need to do a simple painting. On the very first try itself what I have liked on this app is, after choosing your tool, whatever you draw on the screen; the tools get disappeared and the screen goes blank. This is benign because you are already making your work on a very small screen.

You can create a new screen, save your work immediately to your photos folder and change your backdrop with different colors. Also, you can open your photos from this app and make one as the background. There are options to draw single, double and triple lines with a variety of formats. There are lots of options to draw different styles like spirals, symmetrical lines, and continuous color changes simultaneous for each stroke.

paint for iPhone

You can do most of the styles found in a PC paint program inside this iPhone app. You can choose from small to big strokes with the selected color. There is an eraser option as well, which works very nice with the stroke format we have selected. Apart from all these there is option to choose a character as well. You can draw a girl or boy character, a car, a boat, spirals, building, stars and lot more with this app.

What I have found difficult with t e app is there is no undo/redo option, which should be a major drawback. Also if there is something like to drag an image/character that would be brilliant. Finally, the app cost seems pretty high ($4.99) for such an app that perfectly kids. Hope developers can figure out these things in the next version of the app.

Our rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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