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oneSafe Photos iPhone app review – The perfect place for your secret things

I have seen and tried many apps to keep the files, images or videos safe on the iPhone or iPad. These kinds of apps are really helpful in certain cases where you want to hide some secret pictures, video or some important official documents, etc. I do keep such an app any time on my devices to keep the important file safe from my kids.

oneSafe Photos from Lunabee is a brilliant application to keep the images and videos safe on your iDevices. I am saying this app “Brilliant” because on the very first try I have deleted my previous app that performs the same operations and decided to keep oneSafe for future!

onesafe photos app review for iPhone

This app has wide range of features throughout it, which makes the best experience a user can get from these kinds of apps. On launching, you have to set the password for the app. You can choose either a PIN (4 digits) format, a password (A-Z) or a drawing pattern. Once done you are all set to add the contents to the app.

This app has a very decent user interface and intuitive controls that can even make a novice user to use the app very easily. There is a ‘+’ button on top left that enables you to add a picture to the app. You can either use the camera from within the app to take the picture or choose the pictures from the photo library. There is an option to bring them via a USB cable as well. Exporting the pictures from Picasa or Facebook is really missing here.

Your pictures can be easily organized into various categories such as family, holidays or as videos if you want to safe a video. In case if you want to add any new category, just tap on the edit option. You can add the images/videos to the favorites, send via email, open in other programs or even export to the iTunes Documents by taping on them.

onesafe photos app review for iPad

You can simply swipe through the screen that displays each category one by one, finishing with favorites and a search option to find out the files. This app doesn’t finish here, but have another added protection called ‘Double Protection’. The information stored in this part requires one additional password to open. You can easily move any files to any categories easily with few taps.

The favorite part of the app according to me was the snaps taken by the app when I tried some wrong passwords to open the lock. You have to turn on the ‘Break-in Report’ option from the settings to activate this feature. The pictures taken by this feature are stored into the app and you can see it after entering the correct password. The app also notifies the owner that there are breaking attempts from other users by notifying the number of attempts on the app icon too!

If you are someone who wants to have some security over the pictures and videos on your iPhone, this is a much recommended app!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.3/5]

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