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Oh My Nuts iPhone app review – Angry Birds Reloaded!

I am sure, Angry Birds is still hot on the App Store and game lovers are running behind of the mighty Birds, waiting for the regular updates on the game. Nowadays, developers are looking for such games and the App Store is crowded with so many apps that resemble Angry Birds.

Oh My Nuts, developed by Gara Entertainments such a game inspired from Angry Birds. The gameplay is exactly the same, but overall Oh My Nuts is a good funny entertainer. This game has its own story behind it, comes with different characters and objectives.

oh mu nuts iphone game review

Oh My Nuts is again a ‘touch & drag’ shooting game where the task is carried out by pigs and squirrels. Pigs are the cannons and squirrels are the cannonballs that were triggered to catch all the stars on the way to the objective. You have to drag the tail of pig and launch the squirrel from the pig’s mouth by angling it to catch all the stars and finally the nut.

The game is very simple at the initial levels, but gets tougher every time you unlock the new levels. There are hard obstacles like birds, barrels and trampolines on your way. If you touch on the trampoline, it will make you jump and if it is a barrel you get caught inside. In fact, these are obstacles made for helping the squirrel to reach the nut. Barrels catch you inside and you can angle the squirrels from inside the barrel to catch the nut.

The game has various locations to unlock where Japan is the initial one with 15 funny levels to play with. Once you unlock the initial 15 levels, you can check out the next locations USA, France and finally Brazil. Even though the app is repetitive in the gameplay section, it is brilliantly made with funny graphics and sounds.

oh my nuts game review for iPhone

The game is enabled with Game Center that allows you to play it with your friends online. You can easily share the game to your friends via Email and Facebook. Also, there is an option to send the app as a gift to your friends.

I was just wondering about the exact story behind this combination of pigs and squirrels. There is a video inside the app that describes the game introduction, but still it is not clear. I have really enjoyed playing this app apart from the loopholes in the repetitive gameplay and average sound effects. Oh My Nuts is definitely not a replacement on your iPhone, but it’s definitely something you can enjoy playing on the go!

Oh My Nuts is available on the App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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