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Nukes iPhone App Review – Could be a Stunner if there is an Interesting Gameplay

Nukes is a universal app developed by Solid Jade, which is another regular shooting game from the App Store. I was just fed up with the regular shooting games, but when I saw Nukes, I thought this may be a stand out kind game. Nukes holds some potential, but fails somewhere in an interesting gameplay.

Nukes is a simple shooting game on your iPhone/iPad that delivers the regular stuff, but in a little different way. My first though by seeing the icon and screenshots was there may be some excellent graphics on this game, which is really absent in the gaming screen. There are two options to play this game; one is as a single player else multiplayer.

nukes for iPhone

Go ahead and you can see two kinds of level choosing menu, one is USA and the other is Soviet Union. Sadly, both are the same except the colors. Choosing a level takes you to the playing screen where you can see your country part and a rotating enemy’s country on top. Your objective is to fire the missile right on the buildings over the opposite. It is a turn by turn game, so the same repeats to the opponent as well. There are no controls for you to manage your towers being attacked from the enemy.

nukes for iPad

There is an option to choose multiplayer, which is not the exact multiplayer capability of an app I was looking for. You can play the game from both sides of your device and controls are in your hand for you and also for the opposition side. If you have any of your friends nearby, you can play the app by just handing it over to them for respective turns.

Sadly there is no GameCenter or any kind of multiplying capabilities, which is a must for this kind of arcade shooting games. On the whole the app is good for some time killing games, but definitely not an addictive one! Nukes is available on the Apple App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.5/5]

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