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Nikki Holiday and the Pirate Star iPhone App Review

Interactive games are sometimes pretty interesting to play with, but make me bored most times so far. Nikki Holiday and the Pirate Star is such a game, where most of the part going with interaction between the animated characters.

Nikki and the pirate star

This game is very colorful and interactive. It’s the voyage of the main character Nikki, to reach her desire to become a pop star. On starting the game, Nikki gets an invitation says she was chosen as the Rising Star Idol winner! She gets an invitation from the coordinators for a concert. She immediately calls her manager friend Mike to assist her along the way to complete the concert.

Nikki lands to Mike’s office and you can see the directions on the proceedings by tapping each object on the screen. The game proceeds with Nikki’s and Mike’s interaction along with some card games. Nikki has to defeat Mike on the game and proceed further.

The game really goes interesting apart from the regular games. It gives a real journey with Nikki and interactions with other characters are pretty real. The game gets the momentum once Nikki starts searching for the PR agent. There are clues around the game to trace him and the conversations with other characters also play a vital part to solve the game. Make a note you have acquired the each person’s card to your inventory. This indicates you are moving on the right way.

Nikki Holiday and the Pirate Star iPhone app

The game gets the momentum on each step. You can see what are Nikki’s items earned from the notebook symbol on bottom left of the screen. This game is pretty well designed in terms of the graphics, design and interface. On the very first looks my feel on the game was little boring. But once I have started playing deeper, it was really good and interesting. I liked the gameplay, which keeps a real-time journey with the character Nikki.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

Nikki Holiday and the Pirate Star is available for $0.99 on the app store.

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