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MyBooks iPhone app review – A short library on your iPhone

Reading books is a passion for many people and it is a good thing to pass your time as well as improve your knowledge. Nowadays, iPad is the most used gadget for reading books. You may suffer a bit reading books on an iPhone, but there are apps for iPhone that can be very handy in some aspects.

MyBooks for iPhone is a scanner app, which reads the barcodes and QR codes from books and stores the details on it in your iPhone. You can simply use your iPhone camera on the barcodes and QR codes that fetches the complete details on the book corresponding to the code from the database.

mybooks for iPhone

Book Database Copyright is reserved by Open-API Book of Naver.com and Open-API of Google.com. Once scanned the app shows the book cover, title, author and more details about the book right on your device screen. You can directly save the book details to ‘ScanList’ or ‘MyList’ from the scanning screen.

ScanList holds the book details, which you have added from the scanning screen where MyList is the collection of your favorite books. You can easily edit the details on the books from these lists. There is an option to add your comments to all the saved books.

mybooks review

There is another cool feature on this app that allows you to save the page from books and resume reading from there. You can also sort out books based on the authors list. This app is very helpful for bookworms to hold the book details with them all time and read it if needed. I have tried scanning some books from my shelf, but found only some of them matches and the detailed got saved into the app. Obviously it may be due to the unavailability of books in the database.

I am not sure what technology this app uses for reading, but it needs improvement. Also, the interface is little sluggish with distractive ads on the bottom. MyBooks is available for free from the App Store, which is really a good try!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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