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My Virtual Girlfriend iPhone App Review-A Real Guide To Make Your Girlfriend Happy!

As the title implies My Virtual Girlfriend is an app that perfectly teach you how to keep going with your girlfriend. Don’t imagine high, this is just a game: -)

Of course, this app looks like a different genre right? The developer of My Virtual girlfriend Wet Productions did a pretty decent job with this app. Let’s have a look what MVG does in detail.

my virtual girlfriend iPhone appThe first thing that must say about the app is its extremely good graphics. First tap takes you to a colorful home screen where all you need to build yourself and your girlfriend. I would prefer to ride around the help option there to get a clear picture of the game.

Match Maker lets you to build yourself initially. A welcome screen by prompting you to enter a name leads to the next screen. There is lot of options to build yourself in the next few screens like healthy, bad boy, sensitive, masculine, wealthy, hair color, appearance etc. Once you finished up, you can set up what kind of girl you want to play with. Pick your girl from the options like naughty, funny, healthy, sexy etc etc.

Once you finished up you can see group of 3 cute girls with their likes and dislikes. So that’s it, selecting one of them leads you to the playing screen. For fun initially I did keep the screen untouched and the girl began to sleepJ. So guys don’t make her bored, just keep the momentum by interacting with her properly. She will tell you or ask you something and you can reply her by selecting the smileys available. You can agree, disagree, be sad, confused etc. Here is what she asked me initially, “Does my hair smell like cigarettes?” lol. So just carry her by answering and you will be given options like action, activities, touch and speak. If you are making her happy you can step in to the next level. There is a heart symbol on right top of the screen that shows if you are going right or wrong. If you make your girl happy the heart symbol will be filled up with red else blue.

So you can make actions like telling a joke, giving compliment, give gentle kiss etc(there is a lot if you pass more levels like buy her a lingerie, long kiss…….and  activities with your girl like play video games, cleaning house, walk in the park, romance movie, take her to a dinner etc. Warning! Don’t try to touch the girl at the initial levels, may you will be left out by her early J.  And you can also speak with her, make sure you are not just speaking and making her frustrated. You will be given with some dollars and you can use them for particular actions and activities.

my virtual girfriend app for iPhone

You can get back to the home from the playing screen, resume, and make a new game. But I felt it would be better if there is a home button when we set up the personalities too. So it’s a big game and I didn’t finish it up after reaching the 21st level! It keeps going on. What I feel is the game play is little slow and makes to quit. An addition of leader board thing should be more interesting. Even though the app is 17+ it’s so funny rather than anything. So if you guys want to try out some immediate check on more levels than the normal just use the below cheat codes as your name in the initial screen! I am releasing the codes with the permission from the developer. Note all are case sensitive.

  • Casanova – Current quick level up(3x)
  • TacoSauve – unlocks all actions
  • SirWilliam – unlocks all activities
  • FamilyMan – Only Prude girls available from the selection screen
  • IdiotServant – Only alpha typr girls
  • MyLilSecret – unlocks “hotel room environment”
  • SmoothOperator – 1.5x level up

You can get My Virtual Girlfriend from the app store by spending just $0.99

download the app from app store

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