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My Virtual Boyfriend iPhone App Review – A Perfect App for Girls who Look for a Date

Months before we have reviewed an app My Virtual Girlfriend, which was the first one after our website launch. Now from the same developers of My Virtual Girlfriend, Wet Productions has launched their new app My Virtual Boyfriend.

my virtual boyfriend review

Review for MVG has received a great number of visits even though it was the first one from WhatsmyApp. A similar application just replacing the girl with a boy is what all about My Virtual Boyfriend. So I was just curious to see will this app satisfy as its girly version did and I was completely satisfied with the results.

This app has the same interface, features and designs as MVG app. If you are a girl this review will surely help you date your boyfriend easier. First, after assigning your name you have to set up your personalities like your health, hair color, appearance, etc. The app will ask you one by one and you can set accordingly. Once finished the app will get you the best matches for your personality!

my virtual boyfriend for iPhone

Choosing one among the character leads you to the main screen where you can see your boyfriend interacting with you. If you keep the screen idle for sometime; there you go; your boyfriend will start to sleep J So be aware of keeping your guy active with simple touches and the actions provided on the tabs. You can do activities like playing games. Some may inspire him or some may make him feel bad on you. You can touch your boy, speak with him and you can do a lot of things with this app. All these features make a real world ambiance, which is the success behind this funny app.

You have to pass levels of this game to explore more. There is a heart symbol on top right, which is the level indicator. You have to fill this up with red color (by doing some interesting activities with your boyfriend) so that you can reach the next stage. MVB is something really great to play ahead, but sometimes keeps boring. I am sure this app can make an impact on pretty women around the city J

My Virtual Boyfriend is available on the app store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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