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Music Color iPhone app review – A nice learning tool for your kids

These days iPhone and iPad are not only for grown people, but in most of the schools teachers are using an iPad as their teaching tool! You can see parents teach their kids using iOS devices for their homework’s and real-time examples. There are lots of educational apps that are very useful for little kids up to school students.

Music Color developed by SoundTouch is a nice app that lets kids to identify colors using some simple quizzes and images. This is a fun way of teaching about various colors to schools kids or even very little children’s. The entire app is enriched with high quality HD images for a better understanding for kids.

music color game review

The concept behind this app is very simple. You can see some squares once you launch the app and each will be of different colors. Just tap on any color, which will show the next screen with some images with the chosen color. You can also hear to the audio states which color you have tapped. Click on the images, which show a HD image of the image you have tapped with a clear sound that produces. For example, if you choose a yellow hen, the app shows the high quality image of a yellow hen with its sound.

The best part in Music Color is the quiz section. Just tap on the question mark, which will provide you random questions with four answers. You have to choose the exact object that matches the color you have chosen first. If you select the right answer, the app displays a high quality image of the object with the same color.

music color game

The app is nicely integrated with combinations of HD images and brilliant music on the backdrop. There is no way for swiping the screens or images; instead all the actions are carried out by simple taps. This is really good for children’s who can use the app very easily. The questions seem to be repetitive, showing same images again and again. This may not be good at first look, but I think this is a good thing because a kid can learn things easily by having repetitive look at the same object and understand it.

Overall Music Color is good app especially for kids and parents for a better and easier way of learning colors. It is a universal app that supports both the iPhone and iPad version, which available on the App Store for $2.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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