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Murder Detective iPhone App Review – A Real Thrill of Crime Investigation

Murder Detective from Tournay Software is an excellent app on your iPhone or iPad, which comes with a very thrilling murder story. This is a very interesting app if you have the taste of enjoying some Sherlock Holmes novels. I am sure you will be on the edge of your seats when you go deeper into this app.

Murder Detective is a crime mystery story of a murder that happens on the Hampston Bridge. It is a very thrilling way of finding out the killers by detective Phil McDermott and his partner Dave Stanton. This is not a game exactly, but the graphics and design is very good that gives the real feel of a crime investigation.

murder detective app review

The app focuses on a thrilling conversation based crime story of the murder happened near the Hampston Bridge. It also gives a feel of reading a crime story. Once you started, you are detective Phil and you have to start investigate the murder. The app begins with a brief introduction about Phil and gears up to the murder spot. You can various locations all over the app, which includes Phil’s office, a bar, a boat where Phi lives, etc., – all comes along as a part of the investigation.

murder detective for iPhone

After certain stages, you have to go for some quizzes that test your progress on the investigation. The story goes very thrilling as new characters enter. Another great thing in the app is the brilliant atmosphere they have given. It really makes me to feel a real detective and his routine works. You have to decide wisely on each move after the conversations that may decide how you are going to end up the investigation successfully.

You can pause the story at any stages and more importantly you can resume the game from wherever you left. On the whole Murder Detective is a brilliant app in terms of the design and its thrilling story. Sometime continuous play may make it little bored, but overall it gives a very nice experience. The app is $2.99 on the App Store, go and have it for a thrilling experience.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]3.9/5

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