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Multi Audiobook Player iPhone app review – Play audiobooks on the go

Multi Audiobook Player developed by Gamopolis is a nice application to read audiobooks on the go. I am not sure about the usage of audiobooks nowadays among the people, but if you are one who uses audiobooks regularly, this player is really a helping hand.

Of course those who are interested in reading books should be aware of these kinds of audiobook players. With your iDevice on hand, you never wish reading a book fully with eyes, but hear them through your ears. No worry while you are on a drive or at some busy works, Multi Audiobook Player allows you to play audiobooks with ease while you carry your other works.

multi audiobook player app review for iPhone

Once you open the app, you can easily add the audiobooks to it with a single tap. The app plays books very clearly both on the device speakers & earphones and supports very long audiobooks as well. The playing screen is very decently organized with neat placing of play button on the center supported by forward/rewind and previous/next buttons. These options allow frame by frame hearing of books very clearly.

The library is well-organized and you can listen to multiple audiobooks in parallel. The app also plays your iPhone audio files in it, but you have to listen every track one by one and not as a full album. For the initial few minutes you will be seeing the buttons on the screen, but it automatically slides to the album art cover later. You can see all the chapters in the book with a tap on top right.

multi audiobook player review for iPhone

The important feature for any audiobook player is the timer function. This app provides varieties in setting the timer while you play the books. You can set the time from the settings option, shake to extend the time and even there is an option to sleep at end of the chapter. The problem I faced when adding books is the app crashes at some times, but not every time.

On the whole this app has some cool options needed for a good audiobook player and plays the audio crystal clear on the earphones. Multi Audiobook Player is available on the App Store for $0.99.

Our Review: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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