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Monster Cube iPhone app review – Lovely monsters you can play with!

Gaming! It is one of the most lovable things from kids to even tech savvies love to do on their leisure time. With the evaluation of smartphones, especially the wonderful iPhone and iPad devices, gaming is the most explored category by people through a smartphone.

Monster Cube developed by Monster Juice is a nice game for your iPhone and iPod Touch with some interesting gameplay. The aim of Monster Cube is to match the 3D cubes on the gaming screen to score points. It is developed with full 3D view for best user experience.

monster cube game reveiw

The game starts off with a clear demo on how to deal with the game. It’s a very nice puzzle game where small cubs are combined to get a full 3D cube from which you can tap on each of them to get it out of the cube and match with another monster cubes. You can play this game either offline or online. The gameplay is good and makes anyone to play the game continuously. Another attractive part is the graphics and the intuitive user interface.

Of course, there is a timer on the game and you have to pull out all the cubes before the given one minute. You can simply swipe the entire cube to check out where you can put the exact matching cubes. Once you finishes or the timer is reached, you can watch for the scores and exact matches you made. The score sheet also displays the total moves and the biggest matches played. There are lots of other options displayed in the score card for a better look of what you did overall while playing the game.

monster cube for iPhone review

Two matches in a row will start a combo. You can keep the combo up by making several matches in a row. You can pay the game online with your Facebook friends within the app. But, sadly Game Center is missing from the game so that you can’t play it with worldwide players.

Monster Cube is available for free of cost from the App Store and there is a pro version as well. If you love playing some interesting games, Monster Cube is a good choice to give some work to your fingers!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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