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Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures iPhone app review

It’s been a long time since I have played some high end graphical games on my iPhone. The main reason I am not trying these stuffs nowadays is because the time it takes when I start to play them. They are real time killers and here is such a stunning game, Mirror Mirror developed by Jump Games.

The gameplay in Mirror Mirror may be something old to you that resemble the older hits such as Mario. But, what shine in the app is its enticing graphics and 3D gaming environments. It holds a story behind the game in which the playing character Snow has to rescue her friends who are kidnapped by the evil queen.

mirror mirror for iPhone

I must say that the development team has given their best on the entire graphical work of this app, even from showing their company logo once we start the game. The app opens up by prompting the user to choose the language, which comes across English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portugues. It has eight unique levels of gameplay where you have to jump over the very dangerous pits to release the bandit.

You are limited by time to reach the target hence you have to collect the gems on your way that can boost your clock. The platforms you walk around are movable so be careful to reach it without falling deep into the pits. Apart from the pits there are more dangerous obstacle in the game such as sharp spikes, fire and horrible wolves. You have to survive all these obstacles on the way to reach the objective.

mirror mirror for iPad

Another thing I want to mention is the catchy background score. It gives a real adventure feel right from the start, which is a good part of this game to make the user engaged with it more. There is major drawback in this game, which is you don’t have any checkpoints or an option to save the game progress throughout the game and all you have is just three lives. In fact, there are checkpoints within your three lives and you can start from the point if you failed. But, once the three chances are over, you have to start again from the start!

The game is featured with Game Center and Openfeint that enables maximum chances of multiplayer capabilities. Apart from the one drawback already spotted, Mirror Mirror is such an awesome kind of game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It is just 99 cents from the App Store and I guarantee a thrilling 3D gaming experience from this app!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.5/5]

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