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Mini-Showdown for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Mini-Showdown game for iOSIf you are an avid gamer, you should have played many shooting games on your iPhone or iPad. When it comes to the category of shooting games, you can’t sweep out addictive First Person Shooting games out of the arena!

Mini-Showdown is such an enticing FPS game developed by Chinese makers Beijing Gamejoy Times Technology Co. Ltd. In fact, you can undeniably feel the Chinese flavor in the game characteristics and the overall theme. That said, the game can be played either in English or in Chinese – of course it is well optimized for the local language.

The game holds-up with some glitch UI at the very initial experience, but once you used to play it for a while, you should have no issues with it. The problem is, even though the game is very engaging with a cartoonish theme, I personally felt it a bit tough to play. The game needs active internet connection to load from a server and you have to go ahead with the available one automatically!

Once you enter, you can just swipe through the screen easily for the available game levels. The UI is bit interesting and nice, but it is sometimes confusing though – especially in the initial plays. You have to shoot at your opponent and kill them to pass the levels. The graphics are cartoonish and I tried my best to control the device for an accurate shoot, but still I died several times in minutes!

For a casual gamer the controls may feel a bit tough to master. You have to tilt the device to your left or right to point the gun at the foe. The worst thing for you is that the enemy is unstable as it moves across the screen continuously to distract the aiming. You have to be well in control to target at the opposition and shoot at the right time. You can watch out the health on green bar. The sounds are perfect and the animations are nice indeed.

You got a shop to upgrade your armors and weapons for a tougher battle with the enemies. It holds various things to make up the character such as ornament, props and recharges. The game is really very engaging if you play it for a while and got the trick to master. If you are not patient enough to survive quite bullets, you may feel it closing it early.

Mini-Showdown is available on the App Store for Free!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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