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Mike V: Skateboard Party HD iPhone App Review – Be a Perfect Skater!

There are not so many apps for iPhone, which can give you the real experience of skating. I did see some for the iPad, but Mike V survives among these lists with such an eye-catching graphics, interesting gameplay and easier controls.

Mike V is a well-made app on your iPhone or iPod Touch (iPad too) that delivers a high quality skating experience with simple sliding of your fingers. This app holds three levels of skating, which comes with a bunch of options to customize your character, playing locations and more.

Mike V app review

Three modes in Mike V are Career, Free Skate and a Multiplayer mode. Free Skate mode is for novice players, who can go ahead with simple skating without many hassles on their way. Career mode is for people who are little familiar with playing the app. This level contains various obstacles on the playing area, which needs your expertise in virtual skating. Final one is the Multiplayer mode, which allows you to challenge an opponent.

The app is featured with local leaderboards and GameCenter as well. You can watch out for the highest scores from the main screen and there are options available to adjust the game and audio settings. The app looks very decent with the HD images and brilliant graphics on the skating screen.

After choosing a level, you have to customize your character, choose your skate board and the location where you are going to skate. Some choices are open by default and the others need to be unlocked or buy. The controls of the app are intuitive and very easy for the users to play with. Somehow the analog stick or accelerometer makes little uncontrolled while skating, but totally it’s a pleasure to play with this app.

Mike v for iPhone

For multiplayer, this app works on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. Mike V is a universal app so that you can play it on a bigger screen of your iPad too. The app holds several in-app purchases for unlocking more locations and levels. I would recommend going through the tutorial section first for better understanding of the controls and gameplay.

Mike V: Skateboard Party HD is available on the App Store for just $1.99, which is a great price for such a wonderfully designed application. If you are someone who wish to get a virtual thrill of skating, this app is a must have for you!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.2/5]

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