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MemoZy for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

MemoZy reviewTask Managers are something every smartphone users love to have in their devices. These apps are very handy for people where they need some quick notes, to remind them any to-do lists and of course think of some moment when the app reminds your loved one’s birthday or offered party!

This time I have a really cool productivity app from the App Store – MemoZy. Even from the early use, I am flattened with this app and made it as my primary task manager/to-do list organizer. The reason, MemoZy has a great control on the features through excellent swiping actions in your iPhone or iPad. The UI is very intuitive even for a novice mobile app user.

MemoZy is developed by DesignPlusD Inc who has done an incredible job for a simple task manager app. The home screen has 3 default categories at launch where you can add more by simply swiping to the right, left, top or bottom! Moving the categories are even simpler using the swiping controls. Just tap and hold on any category to move it anywhere in the home screen.

You can delete the tasks by tap and hold and then putting the task into recycle bin. You can add any number of tasks in each category and all the controls over there are controlled again by pleasant swiping actions! You can effortlessly move the tasks up and down by simply tap and hold. Have you done with a task? Cool, just swipe right on the task fully to strike it out. Do you need it to be deleted from list? Simple swipe fully to the left!

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Interestingly, there is a tutorial section, which is a very well revelation of all the swiping actions you can carry out in MemoZy. You can share the tasks by email, send it to Evernote or print directly if you wish. Another cool feature was the option to change the color theme. Simply tap on the top right button to see the categories/tasks in various colored themes. The only frustrating thing I noticed was the annoying sounds for every taps inside the app. This may be superior for some, but some may feel it worrying as well.

However, the developers have made a right move to disable the sounds from the settings if users don’t like it. On the whole, MemoZy is something every user wants to check if they are looking for a great task manager app and indeed from now I am going to use this for a while! MemoZy is available on the Apple App Store for FREE!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.3/5]

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