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MediaSafe iPhone App Review – An Easy Shield for Your iPhone Videos and Images

Protecting your contents on the iPhone or and iPod Touch is always a requirement for most of the people who have a lot of secure or unwanted pictures, videos on their device. There is no protecting shield on the Apple devices by default, but apps like MediaSafe is really helpful on this situation.

The interesting assets in the app are its enticing design, which is very intuitive. Even a novice user can easily ride through its interface. You can have a safe locker for your secure contents with MediaSafe for sure. I know there are several similar kind of apps that offers this facilities, but each stands out for their own qualities.

mediasafe for iPhone

The initial tap on MediaSafe asks you to create your own security code. The format is dot bases where you have to swipe your fingers on the required format to create a password. After the setup, you can see individual folders for your hidden photos, videos, contacts and notes as well.

Adding and deleting contents to the app is very simple indeed. Just tap on the section you want to hide where you can see a plus button on top right. Tap on it and easily import the photos/videos/contacts or notes easily to the app. You have to manually delete the secret photos and videos from your devices after importing them to the app. There is an option to capture a photo/video from within the app as well.

mediasafe app review

There is a ‘settings’ tab where you can change the old code and also create a fake code if you wish. Fake code is a good idea in case of any situations where we need to reveal the access to the app and simply hide the original password. Another option available is the auto logout time preference. You can turn on/off the auto lock here or set time to activate the lock.

I won’t say MediaSafe is a unique app from the App Store for handling your secure data, but for 99 cents this can do a better job on handling your secret photos and videos.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

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