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Master Key iPhone App review – You can’t Make Your Vault Safe More Than This!

Keeping the confidential details is a very big deal for someone who manages a lot of passwords, card details, secret contact numbers, mail ids, etc. Keeping all of them in one place with a better protection is somewhat I was looking for over the time. Now Master Key is my favorite to do this task!

Master Key for iPhone is very decently made app in terms of its usage, user interface and a simple, intuitive design. Developed by Hung Tran, this application can help you a lot while handling any kind of security information. I have used some apps like this before where most of them not allowed adding a category from user. Master Key shines here perfectly, which allows a user to add a category as he/she wishes apart from the default categories.

master key app review

This app has a wide range of features indeed! Once launched you can see the default categories the app offers like financial, general, travel, etc. There is a lock button on the top left, which is the option to set the lock for the app. The lock type is dote pattern and sadly there is no other options other than this if you want to change. You can change the design to either a number based pattern or you can hide the numbers by dots. Once you are done with this you have to tap on the figure mark to enter the app.

You can add your own category to this app with single tap on the plus symbol on top right. You can give the category name, choose an icon, and add an item inside a category here. Adding information on these categories is very simple and it is designed very impressively. You are given with the default details and just an edit shows the fields in a very stylish manner. You can add a new field if you wish again with a single tap.

If you are letting your device sleep without any touches on it, the app automatically gets locked! You can add the items to your favorite section as well. This is very useful if you need access to particular data regularly. Another interesting feature is the switching between views on the menu bar. You can view your vault based on the categories, a flat view; which lets you align the items in categories in an alphabetical order and finally based on your favorites. Here again you can edit all these options as you wish!

master key app review

This is not the end, Master Key have more inside! You can backup all the data inside the app with your DropBox account. You can avail this option from the settings. Another cool option is deleting all the data inside if you enter the password over than certain times. This is something really great and my favorite feature too. You can set the number of failed attempts from the settings option.

On the downside there is no other options to set password other than dote pattern and there is no ways to hide the pattern when we draw them on the screen. Overall, Master Key is something all people must need on their iDevice. This app is available on the app store for $4.99!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.5/5]

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