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Manal AlAlem Kitchen iPhone app review – Taste of Dubai on your iPhone

It was quite a long gap since I have tried some recipe apps for a review. Stepping out from the regular games and apps, here is Manal AlAlem Kitchen for iPhone and iPad, which is a cool recipe app from the developers Manal Al-Alem.

As usual this app purveys all the necessary features a good recipe has. The app is a bit country specific that delivers some delicious recipes from Dubai. So you can’t expect the food varieties from other varieties of recipes from the app. But, if you want to try some new mouth watering recipes in your kitchen, this app can really help you a lot.

Manal AlAlem Kitchen review for iPhone

Manal AlAlem is designed simply for an easier navigation especially for the housewives. It has a well-organized menu at the bottom that lists the recipes, a search option, favorites, etc. Recipes are categorized in a scrollable box as soups, salads and appetizers, etc. Tapping on the category will guide you to the recipe page with an eye-catching image of the particular dish.

They haven’t used the full screen size of the device, but the box format with the recipe details looks nice too. It describes category, approximate time to prepare the item and for how many people it is for. Ingredients are well listed and the steps are given very clearly again in the scrollable box.

Manal AlAlem Kitchen review for iPhone

You can easily add a recipe to your favorite section with a single tap. The search option enables you to find out the recipes you look for easily. This app sadly misses some interesting features a recipe app must have like demo videos, sharing it with friends, etc. A built-in timer would be nice addition here that can help users while cooking.

Apart from some let downs, Manal AlAlem Kitchen is a good app to try some different recipes from other part of the country. You can download Manal AlAlem Kitchen from the App Store for just $2.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.7/5]

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