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Magnetball iPhone App Review-A Usual Thought on A Different Environment

Magnetball from is just an interesting game from the app store with a usual concept of sliding the rod to avoid the ball falling deep. As the developer say, if you play with the balls and magnet on your iPhone it is the Magnetball which keeps the momentum on reaching each levels.

magnetball iPhone appThe app is the concept of some low level mobile models pre- loaded game but keeps its mark with nice gaming interface. The initial screen is to learn how the game works, changing options and start playing. I don’t think there is much effort you need to identify the game play as it is pretty simple.

The game play is just keep the rod given at the right place to meet the iron ball and hit it to the magnet. There are 12 levels of game (don’t if I finish all these there will be more!), so selecting a level shows how much balls and magnets are there in the level. It also indicates how much balls you need to trap to reach the next level.

You can restart the game from where you missed and there is score board to see how much points you are earning. Be aware to keep the bouncing speed of the ball instead you will lose. If there is anything to boost up the bounce speed that would be better to reach target. So once you missed the speed you are out! Keep the rod inclined to land the balls to land the magnetic area. There are more balls and magnets on each levels.

magnetball iphone app

There are not much to say on this apart from this, what I like the most is the simple concept and cool music. The music that plays when the ball fells is funny. There is no leader board thing with the app so you can’t play online.

Magnetball is available in the app store for $0.99

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