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Localscope iPhone App Review – Perfect Navigation Combining Search and Social Media

Recent days social media makes a great impact on mobiles where mobile apps targeting this is high in numbers in the app store. When I was asked to have a look at the app Localscope my expectations was all on how accurately the navigation works when comparing with the other apps in the same genre. But it was really surprises for me when I played with the app not even the navigation, but the entire concept of this app was much satisfying!

localscope iPhone app

Localscope from the developers Cynapse is such a well-made application that perfectly blends Searching and Social media channels like Twitter, Foursquare etc,. I just had a look at the app in the app store to see what the users are saying on the app and noted Localscope was in the iTunes front page “New and noteworthy” section. Of course this app requires it!

Local scope will lead your way wherever you go by getting the locations by searching through Google, Bing, based on the Twitter statuses, from the Foursquare, or using a Wikimapia data. What I did see with the app was almost perfect where it has given a decent view of what I have searched. So when you start the app it will show you a list of pre-written options like Café, Bank, ATM, Parking etc., You can choose the options to search from the panel where there is a Google and Bing search, Twitter, Foursquare and Wikimapia. There is a search box on the top so you can search for your query too.

I just went for the movies option there that opened a new screen where I was able to open the map, to set it as the current location. If needed I was able to add the details to my contact details too. I did see a share through Twitter, Facebook or Email which is really benign to share my check in to friends.

localscope for iPhone

The views available in the app are pretty good which are List view, map view and the augmented reality. It was so easier to navigate with the map view and the augmented reality. You can turn your GPS on or off, search and set a new location too. Also you can just delete any options from the initial screen and add your own. There are some handy shortcuts in the app that allows easy calling to the respective spots or sharing.

In overall going for Localscope won’t make you disappointed with its features and this app is available on the app store for just $1.99

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