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Learn English Reading Obama – iPhone App Review

Don’t confuse much with the title of this app, there is nothing much about Obama inside, but it’s all about learning English language. This app contains the speech given by Barack Obama after taking the Oath of office on January 20, 2009.

Learn English Reading Obama for iPhone

This app needs internet connection on the initial launch. Once the speech is loaded you are asked to choose the language translation from English to Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Italian. Choosing one of them leads you to the main screen of the app. In fact, I have seen a same interface on another English learning app I have reviewed before.

There are 14 screens of the speech and you can listen to them by tapping the play button on top. You can tap on the words you need the translation. The result will be shown inside a box and you can save it for the later exercise part. The inaugural address is divided into three parts, which can be downloaded separately. You can see the translation in different languages with a single tap.

I have saved lots of words to the exercise, but was struggling to find those on the learning section. I am not sure is that a bug or something I misunderstood. The audio clarity is decent playing both on the loudspeakers and earphones. There are in-app subscriptions in this app like Bible4English, Story of Robin Hood, etc.

You can change the font size according to your needs from the settings. I am still thinking is this Obama’s inaugural speech is enough for one to understand the language English! Why the developers can’t add a full-fledged dictionary inside it without any in-app purchases? Total concept of this app pretty average and the interface is a pure remake of others. This app may help you just like a starter pack, don’t expect much on going for this.

Learn English Reading Obama iPhone app

Learn English Reading Obama is available on the app store for $2.99

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