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Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku iPhone app review

Bored playing regular games and apps from the App Store? Of course, there are some other contents, which can give you some changeover on your regular usage of apps. Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku from Waitingforyouguys is a nice Japanese story on your iPhone and iPod Touch, which makes the situations right in front of your eyes.

Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku is a novel based app with more than 50 exciting pictures supported by some nice background scores. The app is mainly made on Japanese, but an English version is also available. It is a good app if you love to read much on your iDevice.

Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku app review for iPhone

The story focuses on Toru Fujiwara, a high school boy who met a beautiful girl Yuri on the very first day at the school. Another character named Rita comes to the story with a secret goal in her mind. The story progresses from here and flows through some alive situations over their lives.

Apart from the story, the app has some interesting features to play with it. You can go to the menu screen by taping on the screen using two fingers. If you want to skip some text messages on the go, just tap on the screen with three fingers. Flick up and down to read the already-read text. The music on the backdrop is good that gives a realistic feel to the story.

On the menu screen you can see the options to save/load the story. Also, you can return to the point where you left or reset the entire part to the beginning of the app. In fact, the app prompts to the menu screen automatically after reading some portions of the novel. This can help the reader to save the section and resume reading from where he/she left without any hassles. You can adjust the BGM through a slider on the menu screen.

Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku review for iPhone

There is no way to share the story or app in any ways such as Twitter, email, etc. Also, the pictures are designed with some light shaded drawings. I feel that it misses some eye-catching color combinations, which may be attractive to the users keeping the dry feel away. Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku may not be a perfect pick for all users, but if you are someone who loves to read, this app may be interesting.

Kisaragi-no-Hogyoku is available on the App Store for $1.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.6/5]

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