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Kill Devils iPhone app review – Enticing strategic action game

Hope all of you must have played at least one tower defense game in your iDevices. This is one of my favorite genres any time, especially the games with full-fledged action with quality graphics support. Kill Devils developed by Sun Ground Co., Ltd. is a nice game for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that can kill your boring time to some extent.

Kill Devils is yet another strategic action game on your iPhone, but once you start the action, the game is really unstoppable! I have tried this game on both my iPhone and iPad and it worked flawlessly on both. Kill Devils is wrapped with sixty stages in all, with total 210 consecutively more difficult timed stages for players to attempt to stay alive through.

kill devils universal app

The gameplay is simple as you have to protect the crystal. Enemies and devils will attack you to steal the crystals where you have to fire at them to keep your objective alive. There is real-time tutorial at the initial stages that help a novice user. You have to protect the tower carrying the crystal from the enemies that come as single or group and sometime very high in numbers as well. In these situations you have the option to set a fire rain on the enemies and drag a fire grid on a group of attackers.

On each kills you are given with a coin that can be used to upgrade your armory. The crystals are important as it gives the additional life if you are in trouble. Just tap on the bottom left bottom if you are running out of life to use the crystals. There is time counter on the top right for each wave. The initial levels seem to be very simple, but if you go deeper the game is really challenging with stronger enemies.

Kill Devils Universal game

There are a lot of in-app purchases users can make use to get the full flow of the game. The game has various environments to play with that gives users a never boring feel all time. Kill Devils has a decent gameplay with intuitive user interface and eye catching graphical work throughout. If you never tried some strategic action games recent days, Kill Devils should be a good pick.

Kill Devils is a Universal app available on the Apple App Store for FREE!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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