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Keep Floating iPhone App Review – Needs Addictive Way to Float Better

Games! A popular and most visited category on the app store; where you can find a sea of different, interesting and funny games. I am still wondering how developers are up-to-date to make their new app stand out from the huge list. I am sure if your product is strong in all departments, then only it’s going to survive.

Keep floating for iPhone is a simple game, which is designed very colorfully that provides a feel of a chemistry lab. The term “simple” I used because, there is nothing more interesting when it comes to an addictive gameplay. On launching the app you can start the game by tapping “start floating”. The game character is named as Globly, which tries to float on the game screen by eating the floating bubbles. The design and gaming screen is eye catching, but what I have missed on the app is something new in the gameplay.

keep floating app review

You can glide Globly by just tapping on the screen anywhere (left/right). As much you give him bubbles his life sustains and the score keeps increasing. Be aware of the toxic bubbles floating around. If you hit it your game is over! You can watch out the score on top of the screen. There are other bubbles floating, which make the size of Globly bigger. In fact, grabbing those bubbles can help you eat more bubbles, but also it can be dangerous when it creates the chances to hit the toxic bubbles more easily.  If you miss the bubbles more Globly falls down, which is again game over.

keep floating for iphone

You can mute the BGM if you wish and there is a tutorial describes you how to play the game. There is no online gaming, which lets the thumb down. You can submit the scores offline within your device and you can see the top five scores here. My simple suggestion is adding tilt feature to control the game, which would be a great addition. Play the app more than once so you may get addicted to it once you are familiar with the control.

On the whole this app is nice to play with, but if the developers can think of some version updates with the missing features; that can make this app a pleasure game to play all time. Keep Floating is available on the app store for just $0.99.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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