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JumiCam iPhone App Review – Now You can Monitor Your Webcams on the Go!

Some apps are not for single user purposes. They can be used widely through organizations and also for individual uses.  If you want to track your webcams in an easiest and convenient way, JumiCam is the right choice! With this app you can keep an eye on all the webcams you connected to your PC.

JumiCam allows monitoring any number of webcams connected to your PC and streams the videos right on your iPhone clearly. No matter if you want to connect more than one PC; you can easily add them to the app with simple steps. Another important feature added by the developers is you can now talk to the other end people from the app itself!

jumicam app review

You have to download the PC software from the developer website to activate the app. Once you are done with the PC side setup, you can see the necessary options that should be entered inside the application when you add a new computer to it. If you are using the same Wi-Fi network for both the PC and iPhone, this app automatically connects the PC for the first time, which is brilliant to save time. If you are not, you can add the PC to the app from the neatly designed menu option.

Initially I had struggled to connect my PC to this app, but after some tries I got the way to use it. Can you believe if I say, I can see this review write-up real time on my iPhone? Yes, you have to! This app not only monitors your integrated webcams, but also your desktop too! After the initial setup, you can see the live videos streaming to your iPhone. You can change the option to a camera or desktop inside the app and determine what you need to monitor.

There is an option so set up the audio, which enables you to hear the noises around your PC. You can set the video streaming rate to low, high or optimized. Another exciting feature is you can hold the talk option and start a conversation with your PC end! If you need to take a snap of whatever going on your PC or webcam, you can simply take the moment with a single tap. I was very much excited testing this app and I am sure this is one of the best I have tried so far!

jumicam for iPhone

If you take a picture you can share it via Twitter or Facebook as well. Sadly share via Email is missing. I have tried this app using a high-speed Wi-Fi, 3G networks; the streaming was great without any interruptions. I have swapped the connection to a very low Wi-Fi and then to an edge connection; surprisingly the result was exactly the same! You can see the bandwidth of your connection in the streaming screen. You can easily get back to the setup screen and disconnect from the streaming with single tap.

I am sure this app can help you in many ways. A working father, mother or whatever you are; you can connect some cams around your rooms and track all the happening on your little screen. No worries wherever you are; keep track on your PC if you leave it to others!

I have to say major drawback on this app; it only supports Windows 7, Vista and XP only, surprisingly a MAC is excluded!  One more negative thing I felt is the PC software enables the webcam on and indicates the user that something happens without their knowledge. They can easily find out the software running behind and disable it. So it needs to be more secure and needs a password protection to access or uninstall.

Jumicam is one of the most innovative app I have tried ever and it is available on the app store for a very reasonable cost of $5.99. Highly recommended!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.7/5]

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