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iThrowU iPhone app review – Photo sharing into another level

Can you imagine your one day without any activities in social media networks? Perhaps someone can spend and may not be interested in these kinds of stuffs, but nowadays most people are very much addicted to social networking such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, etc.

At start it was the time most users engaging on very limited social networking sites or apps, but that is not the case now. There are lots of apps evolving and some of them are really brilliant such as Instagram and Pinterest. iThrowU is another entry to this category where you can throw your pictures and texts to other users of this app. The theme of this app is photo sharing, but it is done through a unique way.

ithrowu app review

With iThrowU on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can simply share any images or text messages worldwide. The app requires an initial profile setup from few simple registration steps. You can take pictures using your device camera or from the photo library to this app and add various effects on it. Once you are done with an image you can throw it to the world of iThrowU users! To throw the image you need to simply shake the device from left to right.

The pictures or text messages thrown by you can reach another users and they can like it, comment and throw again if they wish. Please note that the app demands a full-time internet connection to operate. Same way you may receive (catch) many images and text messages, which are thrown by other users. You can like and comment them if you like it or else simply tap the delete button to bury it.

ithrowu app review for iPhone

When you catch an image you can see the location from where the throw comes in. There is an option to rate the images with either one, two or three stars. The app allows you to see all the images thrown by you and the favorites from the profile page on bottom right. You can watch out for the top ten images and there is a weekly challenge as well. The challenge comes with a word and you need to throw the images or texts, which specify that particular word. Also, you can see the current challengers for the particular week and the previous winners as well.

On the whole, iThrowU is a cool application with a different idea, but again the same concept. I will highly recommend this app because, for free of cost this app has the potential of more than that we expect.

iThrowU is a free download from the Apple App Store!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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  1. Missed a cool feature, go to the throw view, tap on the icon on the bottom right, choose a prop from the list and point the camera towards someones face, the app overlays the prop directly on the face for you, V. Cool!!


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