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iTask iPhone App Review

If you are someone who is busy with a tight schedule of works, business meetings, etc. Then iTask for iPhone is the one that you need to explore. The fact is, this app is nothing competitive to some famous apps which does the same with lots of features.

iTask for iPhone

What I liked very much inside this app is the graphical representation of the created tasks. You can add new projects by tapping the plus symbol on top. Another cool feature is assigning the task dependency. In other words you can just prioritize the tasks inside the project.

Once you have created the project just tap on it and you can see the edit option. I was wondering why there are no options to add task to your project apart from the edit graph option. The interface very average overall, but the graphical section come pretty handy. You can create separate tasks there again by tapping the plus symbol.

You can drag each task anywhere on the graph. You can prioritize them by dragging one task into other according to your needs. You can assign the time to complete each tasks. If you have any other sub tasks inside a task, that can also be added.

There is a “ToDo List”, where you can see all your tasks under each projects. You can set the progress bar and further details here. Once you have completed you can mark the task as done, so that it moves to the “Done List” and removed from the “ToDo List”. There is grouping option is well in the ToDo List, which allows you to sort by task name, progress and due date.

iTask iPhone app

It’s possible to restart a cancelled project at any time and you can avail unlimited number of projects, tasks and sub tasks as well.

You can get iTask from the app store for just spending $0.99

download itask from the apps tore

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