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iPolygon iPhone App Review – Simple and Interesting Puzzle Game

Recent times I was just frustrated playing regular puzzle games, ninjas, Arakanoids on my iPhone. Even some of the games are always top on my chart; repeated playing made me search something new from the app store. iPolygon from the developers infinityK was an opt one for me right up front.

iPolygon app review

iPolygon is a simple puzzle game, but of course it can wipe out your bored moments to at least to some extent. First I must say about the design of this app, especially the fonts. There is nothing much bigger in terms of graphics, but it is simple and enjoyable. Polygon shaped fonts inside the app and the one touch effects are really nice.

There are two levels in the game like Arcade and Marathon. Once you are started, you can see a ball inside a polygon. Taping on the screen starts the game and you have to rotate the polygon to clear the objects inside it. If you clear an object the very next collision of the ball with the polygon thrashes its sides. It will make the polygon damaged with vacant spaces. So your mission is to cover the ball within the inner space and clear all the objects without leaving the ball out of the screen.

iPolygon for iPhone

After finishing each level in the game, it gets stronger with more number of objects. You can see your score increasing on the top after clearing each object. You are given with totally three lives to complete each level. This game is Game Center enables, which you can enable from the main screen. There is also an option to enable the gyroscopic feature to rotate the polygon instead of touching it. In fact, I felt the gyroscopic mode pretty tough one to play.

iPolygon is a universal app available on the app store for completely free of cost. If you want to make try something unique from the app store, one of my recommendations is surely iPolygon.

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