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iNibby Nibble iPhone App Review – Snakes Replaced with Caterpillar

You cannot dismiss from the mind the olden day games like snakes, which is the most entertaining puzzle game that ruled before the arrival of smartphones and high end gaming consoles. Nowadays the gaming platforms are at very higher end with iOS and Android devices, PSPs are getting respect from the game freaks.

iNibby Nibble app review

iNibby Nibble is an amusing puzzle game that keeps the decrepit gameplay, but comes with a decent colorful design and interface. Here, no more snakes, but comes a bubbly caterpillar that roams around the screen for its food. This game is very interesting to play; especially nice background music adds the flavor.

Once you barge in the app you have to guide the caterpillar to get its food by swiping on the screen. The control looks pretty easy by saying, but it’s little tough to swipe the caterpillar to the right directions. The caterpillar gets longer every time when it gets the food. You have to be in control to make sure that the caterpillar won’t collide to its body on the move.

You are given with five lives totally and there is a timer as well. So you have to finish the entire level within the given time. There is an in-app purchase for extra lives; it seems to a weird thought to go for an in-app purchase by this method. You can find your scores on top of the gaming screen and if you are failed to win, your score goes negative as well.

iNibby Nibble for iPhone

You can set the speed of the caterpillar to slow, normal or fast from the settings. There is an option to see the score in the main screen, but when I tapped on it was simply stable guiding me not to anywhere! There is no GameCenter integration or any online leaderboards. Of course the gameplay is pretty old and boring after some plays, but overall iNibby Nibble is a fun game to play and I am sure if you give it a try, you are going to kill some of your time.

iNibby Nibble is available on the app store for $1.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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