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Infinity Control iPhone App Review

Infinity Control from the developers RenegadeCitizen is a game that is well designed in terms of the graphics and design, but resembling some games on the app store on its gameplay. This is a spaceship/crafts controlling game by drawing line to track them.

Infinity Control iPhone app

The game is interesting to play and it gives a clear space effect on the device. You can feel three different worlds in the game such as Earth, Saturn and Alien world. In fact, these are the three levels of gameplay. You can select any of these from the “mission” on the game menu. These three levels are well designed and gives a better impact of what it focuses to give the feel on users. The game goes tougher when you choose the Saturn or Alien world, where Earth seems to be little easier to me.

Once you have selected your mission, you need to land the incoming crafts around the corners to the right spaceship. Just draw lines from the incoming crafts and connect it with the spaceship. Crafts are different in colours as the spaceships. So you are supposed to land one particular craft to the appropriate coloured spaceship. Beware of the collision between the crafts that can cause explosions, which in turn reduces your game life.

You can see obstacles on the screen in the Saturn mission, and Alien world is given by some dangerous real-time traps in term of holes that can happen and disappear at anytime. Hitting/moving over these can blast/swallow your crafts. There is no speeding up for the crafts. In fact, what I feel is, there is no need for it because the default speed itself is little tougher to play. You can see the number of crafts landed and the high score on top of the screen.

As I said initially, hope you can feel the resemblance of the gameplay from other games. Of course, it is the same as of the well-known “Flight Control”. It is the only thing I found disappointed from Infinity Control. Just saying, if I didn’t try flight control earlier or if Infinity control was the first one, sure I will love this game to the core.

Infinity Control iPhone game

Kudos to the developers for their best work in sound effects as well as high resolution retina graphics. Infinity Control is built with Game Center as well. You can see a total statistics of the game in the menu. Infinity Control is available on the app store $2.99.

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