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Hot Culture iPhone App Review – Purely for Polish!

There are some very useful apps on the App Store that can fetch you all the events around your city or even from worldwide. Obviously if an app is targeted for a particular location, then it would be only for the people belong to that country.  Hot Culture developed by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Poland is focusing all the events happening in Poland.

The app updates without any user knowledge on launching. I was connected to my Wi-Fi and the update speed was very slow on the initial launch! But when I turned off my connection and restarted the app, the update finished within one minute! I hope this is because the app should load the recent updates around Poland, so it takes longer time to get updated to till date. Anyhow it was something weird.

hot culture app review

The menu is well designed and the interface is quite easier one to navigate. As said, the app is for presenting an interactive presentation for a premium selection of Polish cultural events taking place all over the globe. You can simply switch the language either English or Polish with a single tap from the menu. You can watch out for the details about the Polish events like music, literature, multimedia, etc.

You can see the topics once you tap on the categories from menu. The app only tells you very brief information on the topics, for more you have to tap on the developer website that leads to open Safari. I was very disappointed because this app is only a gateway to the website. You can separate the content to be loaded either as multimedia or knowledge base. You can select a particular date from the calendar given that brings the Polish events happened on the particular date.

hot culture for iPhone

The app has an update button on the main menu, which can be used to get the app updated till date. If you have any troubles on using the app, you can tap on the help section in the main screen. On the whole this app is only for people who are Polish and for who wants to know about the Polish events worldwide.

Hot Culture is a free download from the App Store; if you want to know just a brief detail about the Polish events you can have a try on this!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3/5]

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